Tech Support: How to fix Rocket League errors – Rocket League not launching

How to make Rocket League Launch if you are having issues with the game attempting to lunch via Steam then you see the game “Syncing” but the game never loads.


I do not take any responsibility for what you do on or to you computer. You are acting on your own. This information is intended to guide you through a process to fix a game that is distributed by Psyonix and Valve using libraries distributed by Microsoft. I have no affiliation with ANY of these companies. I worked out this solution myself and I’m just passing on the information to others who still are having this issue. I originally had this issue in 9-2018, however I’d seen similar issues from Rocket League players dating back to 2016.

All sources listed are websites that normal PC users should feel comfortable with downloading programs from (AntiVirus Companies, MajorGeeks, etc.). If you need further help or information please feel free to message me on Twitter @BrandonWeir or @TehRage.

Explanation and Scope

The root of all this, to the best of my understanding, are issues with C++ libraries installed on your computer. However, just attempting to reinstall them didn’t fix my issue. Removing and reinstalling them via Windows Uninstaller via Windows Control Panel produced issues too. This was a way I found to remove ALL C++ libraries and reinstall ALL C++ libraries to get Rocket League running successfully. This has been verified to work on Windows 10 only. I ASSUME it should work with Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 but I have not confirmed.


MSICUU2.exe –
Visual C++ v56.exe


01. Download Windows Installer CleanUp Utility 7.2 – msicuu2.exe – This WAS an Official Microsoft Utility (Why it may have been discontinued. Another reason why.)

02. Download Visual C++ Runtime Installer (All-In-One) v56 – Visual C++ v56.exe – This downloads and installs all C++ libraries we need for Rocket League and then some.

03. Run msicuu2.exe as Administrator. To do this right click on the file and select “Run as Administrator”

Step 3

04. Follow the prompts to complete the installer of the application.

Step 4

05. Click the Start/Windows button and search for “Windows Install Clean Up”. If prompted by UAC, click yes.

Step 5

06. This will open an application window. Scroll down until you locate ALL the “Microsoft Visual C++” libraries.

07. Select all of C++ libraries. To do this click and drag while holding down the mouseclick or by selecting the first entry holding SHIFT and selecting last entry or vice versa.

Step 7

08. Click Remove.

09. A dialog box will prompt. Click ok.

10. IMPORTANT – Numerous box will pop up on your taskbar as the libraries are being remove. Do not be alarmed, this is apart of the process.

11. Once the boxes stop popping up on your taskbar, verify that all C++ libraries have been removed via the “Windows Install Clean Up” application.

12. Following verification, click exit. Additional verification can be done by checking to see if the applications are listed in the normal “Uninstall” process in your Control Panel.

13. Bookmark this page as within the following steps your computer may want you to reboot.

14. Launch Visual C++ v56.exe and allow UAC access.

15. This will open a “cmd.exe” prompt (a black box with white font). As mentioned above, a reboot MAY likely happen in this process.

16. Click “Y” and hit enter to install all the C++ libraries

Step 16

17. Once completed, press any key to exit the install process. Verify the installation via the Control Panel in your OS.

18. At this step I would RECOMMEND you restart you computer.

19. Once your computer has booted back up. Attempt to launch Rocket League.

20. If everything worked accordingly, Rocket League should launch and run normally.


I hope this helps and if you need further help or information please feel free to message me on Twitter @BrandonWeir or @TehRage OR friend me and message me on Steam