Rocket League’s First Birthday and a Year of Statistics

Psyonix’s baby has evolved from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Power Battle-Cars to Rocket League, and now that baby is one year old.


We debated for quite some time what the best way to show you our gratitude was, until we realized that the answer was to keep doing what you want us to do – to keep supporting the game with new Arenas, new Garage items, new Game Modes, and new DLC; to experiment with more Rocket Labs and to increase our presence in the world of competitive gaming.

I really hope that Psyonix’s focuses on “increasing our presence in the world of competitive gaming.” This game in my personal opinion is a esports game that the layman can understand and people will flock to it once LANParties and other tournaments offer bigger prize payouts.

And for those who love infographics.

Rocket League One Year Infographic