Amazon: One Up Your Game – Amazon offers $10 Upgrade from Xbox 360 to Xbox One

For select titles, Amazon will allow you to trade up your XBox 360 games to XBox One games for only $10 until the end of the 12-31-13. The list of games can be

“Until December 31, 2013, trade in a select Xbox 360 game and get a $25 bonus credit toward the same title on Xbox One in addition to your trade-in value of at least $25.

How to redeem this offer:
1. Order your qualifying Xbox 360 game.
2. When you are ready to upgrade, select the Xbox 360 from the list below and submit your trade in.
3. Send in your item for processing following the instructions provided.
4. Wait for your item to be received and graded.
5. When your trade in is accepted, add a qualifying Xbox One game to your cart.
6. Your bonus credit will be applied automatically to your purchase.”

A funny and still relevant question,

“Can I trade in a PS3 game for the Xbox One version? What about an Xbox 360 game for a PS4 version?

No. This program only applies when you trade an Xbox 360 game for the same title on Xbox One.”